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At we have been building websites for over 10 years for customers throughout our great nation. We have a passion for design a nack for creativity and we specialize in everything from custom wordpress themes to graphic design.

San Antonio is our home base and we look forward to getting your project started today! We do things a little differently, checkout our proccess below and make the right choice as your new web development company of choice!

Our Website Design Proccess

What makes us different?

We are different because unlike our competitors who are too big to really care about customer service we take on projects for the little guy. We deliver top quality work for the lowest cost on the net. However even more then that we have a system for each customer that ensures satisfaction unlike any other company you will see.

Step 1: Planning.

In this step we talk to you on the phone or person to person or over email. Whichever is easiest and most convienet for you. Our phone line is open Monday-Friday 7am-7pm so you can get all of your calls answered promtly without a hitch.

As our customer we want you to feel as if your doing business with your best friend. Call us up, say what you want and we deliver. Its really that simple!

Step 2: Design.

Next we take all of our phone conversations or meetings and we start designing your brand new website, logo or shopping cart from scratch. We don't hold back and we call you after our initial design pass to ensure you like where things are going.

During the design phase you can change absolutely anything you see. You can keep it all or you can have us scratch it and start with something else.

Step 3: Development.

This is the most important step of all, you can have a great looking site but if it does not function across the net properly you have wasted your money. Your site should look, feel and act amazing and thats what SitesWeDo does best!

Once coding has finished we send you a final draft copy of your website up and working on our test servers. We never upload it to the public space until you as the customer are beyond happy!

Step 4: Feedback.

As your web development company we want to know how we did. If you loved our work then tell us and tell the world at the same time!

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